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Elettrodomestico (also know as ED) is a 2 piece band made up of songwriters Jane Wiedlin and Pietro Straccia.

Jane Wiedlin is best known as founding member, guitarist and songwriter of the all-female band The Go-Go’s. Pietro Straccia (epiqe) is an italian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

Formed at the end of 2016, after an explosive long distance writing collaboration following the death of David Bowie, the duo independently released their first album, IF YOU’RE A BOY OR A GIRL.

A new record titled "ED" featuring performances by Kate Pierson  of the B52's is set to release in 2024.

While many of the lyrics explore alienation and despair, their sound is markedly upbeat, with layered guitars, intricate harmonies, and four-to-the-floor pop drumbeats. Their guitar-driven self proclaimed “candy-grunge”, elettro/psychedelic/pop sound has been compared to bands Devo, The Buzzcocks, The Mamas & The Papas, Abba, Garbage, Flaming Lips and Metric.

“Halfway between the Buzzcocks and Bowie. Their album, If You’re a Boy or a Girl, is a heaven-sent slice of colorful, psychedelic power pop”. (ZT Amps)


“The Evil Mamas and Papas.”  Abby Travis (Go-Go’s, Cher, Masters Of Reality)


“Psyche-ward Wilson Phillips.” Big Gay Ice Cream)

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